How to Remove Moire Patterns From Photos

Photos of books, magazines, and newspapers by scanning often appear with an unsightly interference-effect. This effect is called a moire pattern ,Though there is a de-screening function in digital cameras, using Photoshop gets the best results to manually  Remove Moire patterns from photos remove unwanted effects.

What Is a Moire Pattern?

It happens when patterns collide with a striped pattern and transparent gaps are laid over another similar one. In the case of printing, this effect can interfere with the pattern of dots. Usually, television and digital cameras create the “rippling” effect of a moire pattern. It can be seen when someone wears a shirt or jacket with a particular kind of weave length. It happens because of the overlap of the pattern with the interlaced image scanning in digital devices. That’s why we never see a tv host or news anchor wearing patterned dresses.

Professional or beginner photographers face moire patterns when scanning a printed photograph from a book or magazine. Digital photographs consist of many small dots that only scanners can see and you don’t. It is a relief that we have Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop we can reduce most or all of a moire effect. Let’s learn how to remove moire patterns from photos.

How to Remove a Moire

Follow the instructions to remove a moire pattern in Photoshop.

  • Scan your image with high resolution, a dimension around 150-200% higher than your desired output.
  • Now copy the layer and select the whole area of the photo that has a moire effect.
  • Go to the filter option then select Noise > Median.

  • Choose the radius between 1 to 3. The higher the quality of the source, the lower the radius will be. Usually, newspapers use 3 as it works better for them. And 2 for magazines will do fine. It is standard to use 1 for books.
  • Now apply 2-3 pixel Gaussian blur after zooming 100% magnification. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to perform this action.
  • Select Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask from the Photoshop menu to reduce the sharpness of the mask.

  • The accuracy depends on the resolution of the image. But you can use these settings as a starting point. Follow the specifications.

  1. Amount: 50-100%
  2. Radius: 1-3 pixels
  3. Threshold: 1-5

  • Re-adjust all the settings until you find your desired results.
  • Now select the new layer and tone down the effect by reducing the opacity to 0. Then increase the opacity until the effect disappears.
  • The final task is reducing the image resolution to its proper size. Select Image > Image Size and reduce the resolution.

Another Short Technique

The moire pattern is a common problem that appears in a photo. Here’s a quick and short technique to fix it. 

  • Open the image in Adobe Photoshop into a new layer.
  • Now select the Eyedropper tool. Then select the color of the fabric but avoid the moire.
  • Now select the Paintbrush tool and paint with the moire.
  • Now set the Blend Mode to Color with the new layer selected.

How to remove texture from a photo in Adobe Photoshop?

Find the image option from the top window and select Adjustments > Invert. Now apply the Linear Light Blending Mode option from below. Change the opacity to your desired result or until the photo paper texture vanishes.


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