Professional Image Masking Services at Reasonable Price

Professional Image Masking Services are the most popular and valuable services. More than 40% of online consumers need Best Image Masking Services.

Professional Image Masking Services is a technique that applies to expose some parts or hide some parts of the photo. Normally, a Dear Clipping is used for background removal, but if the photo has complex soft edges and curves, then it needs image masking.
If you are looking for Professional Image Masking Services, we are here for you. Work with, save your time, and grow your business.

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Who Needs Professional Image Masking Services?

Image masking is a strategy of Photoshop that applies especially to models or different product photos. A model with hair or fur surfaces needs Professional Image Masking Services the most.

There is a difference between the clipping path and image masking. A clipping path is used for the hard edges in an image. Besides, for the soft or furry edges, image masking is used. Images that contain peripheral blur, translucent glass, and fragile parts like flying hair, trees, furry dolls, etc. need this technique.

We offer 100% high-quality Professional Image Masking Services here at Dear Clipping at a very reasonable cost. You can save both your time and money and focus on expanding your business by working with us.

How Will Our Professional Image Masking Services Help?

Professional photographers can’t edit photos for white backgrounds all the time. Besides, buyers cannot depend on the novice or non-professional photo editor’s creative image masking. For complex image masking with perfection in your images, you can trust our reliable Professional Image Masking Services.

We provide Professional Image Masking Services here at Dear Clipping at the best affordable prices. You can have 100% quality image masking services that are time-effective and cost-effective at the same time. Save money and grow your business by choosing our best image masking services.

Types of Image Masking Services We Provide

Layer Masking

Image Layer mask is used to hide or reveal some portion of the image to change the photos. With a layer mask, an area of an image can be invisible with dark shades. The background will be transparent too by painting with a black brush.
We apply high-quality layer masking directly to the layer using a soft & refined edge. We also use it to remove the background or isolate any object from the image.

Color Masking

Isolating an image by Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, Layer Mask & Refine edge tool is used to make the soft edge. This technique makes hair, fur, furry doll, animals, trees, etc. photos more natural. Color masking applies to edit photo colors.
The grayscale images are the best examples of color masking service. Our experts use RGB components for color masking. Dear Clipping many experiences in photo color masking techniques at a very reasonable cost.

Fur & Hair Masking

Fur or hair masking is not an easy task. Fur or hair images have many soft edges. These images also have many curves and thinner line part. Besides, using a Photoshop clipping path provides you an exact solution to remove the background of these images.
Moreover, the clipping path is not much effective compared to Photoshop masking on the furry animals, cloth, models, etc. Dear Clipping experts use color, brightness, and exposure adjustments and make the photos more realistic.

Transparent object Masking

Many transparent objects such as glasses, bottles, jars, water, and lenses. These types of photos need transparent object masking as the pen tool cannot ensure perfection. To remove the transparent subject from the background and for adding a compatible background, transparent object masking is a must. Object masking is a non-destructive technique and also maintain the original color.

Dear Clipping experts apply transparency and make noticeable color or background through this service.

Translucent object Masking

Translucent Masking is quite an expensive job. Background colors from translucent objects can be removed through translucent object masking. This strategy applies to those photos that have 5 to 100 percent opacity. The light also passes through the objects and they are ambiguous. The best example of these products are sunglasses, Muslin garments, bridal covering, ice-covered glass, paper, etc. These types of products mainly need translucent masking services.
Dear Clipping has a team of expert graphic designers who can edit the translucent object and mask the background.

Alpha channel masking

Alpha Channel Masking is different from layer masking. If you need to isolate any object from the background then alpha channel masking is a perfect solution. You can also fix the brightness problem, contrast & exposure with this service. Sometimes images may have to scatter hairs or furs. That is the time when Alpha Channel Masking is used.
Besides, using the alpha channel masking technique ensures the exact quality of the image. This service is very complex so it will be very tough for a beginner photographer designer. But the experts at Dear Clipping are here to give the perfect solution within the deadline. They are always ready to provide this service for your satisfaction.

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Asian young women at the studio in the black jacketAsian young women at the studio in the black jacket

Refine Edge Masking

For selecting objects with soft and smooth edges, refine edge masking perfect tool. Other Photoshop selection tools also perform a great job in this case. But after the selection, there still may some unwanted parts or edges. To remove that we create a layer mask then modify the mask with the refine edge mask technique.
With this process, we can make subjects’ edges soft. It can match the background without any faults. Usually, Photoshop Refine edge masking is used on subjects like trees, human bodies, furry dolls, etc.
We use the latest photoshop version to provide 100% accurate refine edge masking. Contact us now, if you need high-quality Photoshop Image Masking services.

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Professional Image Masking Services are the most popular and valuable services. More than 40% of online consumers need Best Image Masking Services.